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how we apply clear sealant


Our method is meant for maximum absorption of the products into the grout joints.


For ceramic/porcelain tiles, the surface of the tiles is non porous and does not absorb anything. The sealant application is meant to protect the grout joints. Grout has a surface porosity similar to a pumice stone with small pinholes throughout.

Rather than spray-on and spread the sealant with a squeegee, we use a roller application to concentrate the sealant into the grout lines only. Then scrub it into the grout using a stiff grout brush.


This application method ensures that the sealant is fully absorbed into the pinholes in the grout surface, thus providing maximum efficacy of the product.

natural stone

When sealing natural stone, you seal the tile itself plus the grout that surrounds it. With our nanotechnology impregnating stone sealer, we brush on the sealant (using a paintbrush) than hand buff it into the stone surface, again ensuring maximum absorption rate.  Usually, 2 coats are applied in this way for maximum efficacy of the product.

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