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shower and bathroom maintenance

shower + bathroom cleaning services

Frustrated with the current state of your shower? 

Time to call the tile/grout specialist... Axia Grout Care will clean every nook and cranny of your shower, and replace the moldy silicone caulking in your shower!

  • Kill bacteria and harmful germs

  • Remove soap scum, water stain build up

  • Eliminate mold, mildew, dirt

  • Refresh the look of your tiles and grout

  • Provide a healthy environment for your family

step one

tile and grout cleaning

To clean tile/grout and the surrounding glass walls/doors/rails/hinges, we use a commercial strength dry vapor steamer with a tile/grout cleaner matched to your tile type.

Advantages of Dry Vapor Steaming:

  • Pressurized steam effectively penetrates cracks and crevices where hand or machine scrubbing with cleaning products and tools cannot reach.

  • The high temperature of steam kills 99.99% bacteria, mold, and mildew.

professional shower cleaning services
tile ad grout cleaning

step two

silicone caulking replacement services

silicone caulking replacement

  • Old caulking will be removed first

  • Botanical disinfectant (hospital grade, Health Canada approved) is used to kill any mold in the seams

  • Adhesion of the new caulking is best achieved by properly prepping the tiles to be free of dirt, grease, moisture, residue before we apply new caulking

  • Mold/Mildew Resistant 100% Silicone Caulking is then re-applied.

  • Full cure is achieved after 18-24 hours.

Silicone caulking replacement can be priced a la carte if you do not require cleaning services

silicone replacement

possible step three

grout sealant

grout + color sealant

After your shower tiles have gone through a deep cleaning, you will be able to see if the grout has been stained or has aged beyond where cleaning can sufficiently restore its original look.

At this time, you can consider an additional service... a restoration color seal application.  The color sealant is designed to restore grout to a like new condition, providing for a fresh and uniformed look to your tiling.

  • Grout will no longer be porous

  • Natural look of the grout is maintained… does not look painted

  • Color of your grout can be changed, we have about a dozen grout colors to choose from

  • Tiles will be uniform in color and breathable to allow for moisture to escape

  • Lasts for years, when installed properly, will not chip, flake, or peel

  • Maintenance is easier… stains will lie on top of the sealer

  • Environmentally safe cleaners can be used going forward, as aggressive chemicals are no longer necessary

Note:  *There must be a little bit of depth in the grout line to hold the sealant

axia cleaning grout color sealant servic
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