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flooring cleaning services

flooring tile & grout cleaning

Do you have 20-30 year old tiling in your home?

Before you budget for a possible floor tile replacement, give us a call to find out what we can do to affordably restore your floor.

If you have flooring greater than 30+ years old, and it has never been professionally deep cleaned, you can request a test clean demo on a small patch around the worst area.  Available for job size of 500+ square feet of flooring you wish to have cleaned.

step one

tile + grout cleaning services

tile and grout cleaning services

The deep cleaning process we use is very thorough when compared to many of our competitors. When you do speak with other firms, ask them about their cleaning process and compare "apples-to-apples." 

Axia's Cleaning Process:

  1. Apply our tile/grout cleaner meant for ceramic/porcelain, or natural stone tiling

  2. 1st scrubbing pass using a weighted floor machine with a nylon brush head

  3. 2nd scrubbing pass using a commercial strength dry vapor steamer with brass and/or nylon brush heads (depending on tile type). This pass will thoroughly blast any remaining dirt/stains in the grout joints

  4. Disinfect and polish with a final mopping pass from the dry vapor steamer

  5. Flooring is speed dried with air movers. When grout is wet it appears darker, and speed drying allows our customers to see the actual grout color of the finished results.

floor tile cleaning

possible step two

floor sealant

color sealant

After your flooring has gone through a deep cleaning, you will be able to see if the grout has been stained or has aged beyond where cleaning can sufficiently restore its original look.

At this time, you can consider an additional service ... a restoration color seal application.  The color sealant is designed to restore grout to a like new condition, providing for a fresh and uniformed look to your flooring.

  • Grout will no longer be porous

  • Natural look of the grout is maintained … does not look painted

  • Color of your grout can be changed, we have about a dozen grout colors to choose from

  • Tiles will be uniform in color and breathable to allow for moisture to escape

  • Lasts for years, when installed properly, will not chip, flake, or peel

  • Maintenance is easier… stains will lie on top of the sealer

  • Environmentally safe cleaners can be used going forward as aggressive chemicals are no longer necessary

Note:  *The grout must be recessed enough, to allow the color sealant to sit undisturbed.

clear sealant

Clear sealant is designed mainly for use on flooring and grout. The clear sealant protects against both water and oil-based stains without leaving any gloss or residue on the flooring.

Other benefits:

  • Porosity of the grout will be reduced. Your grout will no longer absorb stains as easily as before, and the grout will be breathable to allow for moisture to escape

  • Natural look of the grout is maintained. If your grout is older and permanently stained, consider a color seal application

  • Last 1-2 years when applied properly before requiring a re-application

  • Maintenance is easier as stains will lie on top of the sealer

  • Environmentally safe cleaners can be used going forward as aggressive chemicals are no longer necessary

natural stone sealant

Exceptional anti-stain premium sealer based on impregnating nanotechnology formulation. This transparent protective agent is used for maximum protection of all stone surfaces against water penetration, oil, fats and moisture, allows the stone to breathe, blocks efflorescence, and does not alter the natural color of treated surface and does not create any film.

natural stone seal
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